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Wine Improvement

Do you remember a wonderful bottle of red wine? The wine that was smooth, well balanced, and a finish that seemed to go forever? Wine Improvement Inc. has developed a product so that the individual can achieve the smooth red wine in recognition that everyone’s tastes are different. Tannins are the backbone of the wine and come from the skin and seeds during the fermentation process. Often a young red wine will have bitterness that is too high when it is consumed right off of the shelf. There are particular wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah that may have high tannins. At Wine Improvement Inc., we have been working on reducing this bitterness. The materials that we use are well known in the wine making industry and have been used for several centuries to improve red wine. This by-the-glass is a new concept. One material in the drop is gum Arabic from the Acacia tree in N. Africa which builds body, aroma, and taste; another ingredient is gelatin which reduces tannins and therefore bitterness. Thus, “Wine Smoothing Drops” is a proprietary mixture. The result is that the bitterness is reduced and aroma, taste and body are improved.

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