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Tin Play Products

The TIN PLAY® design incorporates a transparent center section allowing the pouring and mixing of beverages to be viewed by customers, creating a magnificent visual effect. Rising from the base is a stainless steel pin unique to the TIN PLAY design. The post was configured to facilitate the stacking of shakers to simultaneously pour multiple cocktails known as the “Waterfall”. With the commonality of drinks incorporating fresh fruits and herbs as ingredients, a muddle has been specifically designed to accompany TIN PLAY’s Precision Pour Flair Tins. The TIN PLAY® 4-in-1 muddle was designed to envelop the pin allowing it’s teeth to make contact with added ice, creating the ideal grinder. The cavity of the muddle incorporates a measuring guide known as a “jigger”, for the precision pouring of fluids accurately measured from 0.5 ounces to 2.0 ounces. A bottle cap and can opener had been engineered into the handle end of the muddle creating a 4-in-1 bar tool to accompany the TIN PLAY® Precision Pour Flair Tin.

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